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Are you interested in learning some cool science? Come with us for an afternoon to listen to and discuss with scientists and researchers about their work. This is your opportunity to speak with a real live scientist, to find out about how they go about doing their work and to ask the burning questions you've always wanted to. For the scientific audience out there, we think science outreach is a very important task for the next generation of scientists. So, let's get involved!

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Meeting with remarkable manuscirpts: coptic egyptian edition

OCtober 27th
Tiedekulma (Yliopistonkatu 4), Basement

Ivan Miroshnikov

“The dry Egyptian sands preserved a great number of manuscripts written in Coptic, the vernacular language of the medieval Christian Egypt and the final developmental stage of Ancient Egypt. Alas, the Egyptologists of the past were too excited about the Egyptian texts of the pre-Christian era. Thus, for a long time Coptic has not been receiving the attention it deserves. Today Coptologists face the same challenge as the Classical philologists of the Renaissance: countless manuscripts are yet to be published before we would be able to reconstruct the genuine history of Coptic language, literature, and civilization. In this talk, I will tell the story of my encounters with the unpublished Coptic manuscripts and the joy of reading, studying, and editing them.”

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