An AFTERNOON in the science basement

Are you interested in learning some cool science? Come with us for an afternoon to listen to and discuss with scientists and researchers about their work. This is your opportunity to speak with a real live scientist, to find out about how they go about doing their work and to ask the burning questions you've always wanted to. For the scientific audience out there, we think science outreach is a very important task for the next generation of scientists. So, let's get involved!

Upcoming Afternoons:

Refugees, asylum and access to territory: from the Pacific to the Mediterranean


February 24, 4pm - 5:30pm
Tiedekulma (yliopistonkatu 4)

Stephen Phillips, Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Academy

The significant increase in asylum seeker arrivals to Europe in 2015 has placed considerable strain on reception and processing systems, and in response European countries are trying to develop ways to manage the increased numbers of unauthorised arrivals to their borders. Australia has a long-standing approach to unauthorised arrivals which many European countries are seeking to emulate. Stephen will outline the Australian approach to asylum seeker reception and processing as an introduction to a discussion on the lessons European countries can learn from the Australian experience.


Travelling in the Solar System

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March 24, 3pm - 5:30pm
Tiedekulma (Yliopistonkatu 4)

Space scientists Erika Palmerio, Urs Ganse, and Eleanna Asvestari of the University of Helsinki will take us on a tour of our home, the solar system!


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