So what is The Science Basement?

We are a group of scientists in training, who love communicating about the work we do.

Science is what brings us together, individuals and communities working to understand the world around us as it really is. Albert Einstein once said, ‘Science is the century-old endeavour to bring together by means of systematic thought the perceptible phenomena of this world into as thoroughgoing an association as possible.’

We are enthusiastic about science writing, journalism, and outreach. We want to discuss new ideas, research topics and new knowledge generated by scientists, and broadcast it to a broader audience. We try to make complicated ideas simple.

Science is also a job and a career. TSB is a project aiming to show how science is done from the scientists' perspective, especially to those who have never actually met one. We want to show science as it is: from the trenches, or perhaps more accurately, as it’s like from the basement.

We are The Science Basement.


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Alok Jaiswal

I'm currently a PhD student at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki. I try to understand the characteristics of cancer at molecular level, with the aim to develop better strategies for its drug treatment. I take a data-analysis and systems biology approach towards the problem. More description of my work here 

I'm also interested in science writing and journalism. I mainly contribute to articles in the TSB digest and Humans in Science. 


Barun Pradhan

As a PhD student in Genome-Scale Biology Research Program, University of Helsinki, my research is focused on understanding the genome, a.k.a the blueprint of life, and how it changes in cancer.

I am interested in listening to stories of fellow science enthusiasts; having open discussions on recent scientific advances and communicating them to a broader audience.


Chiara Facciotto

The focus of my PhD is studying drug resistance in cancer from and epigenetic point of view. You don't know what epigenetic is? Then you should tag along to one of the Afternoon in The Science Basement and I will tell you all about it :-) To carry out my research I use both biological experiments and computational tools.

I think a scientist's responsibility is not only to produce new knowledge but to also make it accessible to the public. Here at TSB I am trying to experiment new ways of doing science outreach. I am also one of the main organizers of TEDxHelsinkiUniversity 2017.


Dimitrios Tsallos

Since school, I was fascinated by applications of science in everyday life. Now, I am trying to make this happen as part of my PhD in Personalised Medicine; supporting the development of new ideas in drug discovery.

In parallel, I am involved in organising the TEDxHelsinkiUniversity and I am also a member of team iCombine at Helsinki Challenge 2017. My hope is to figure out ways to make scientists get out of their labs and offices to interact with people who benefit from their work but they never thought about it. 


Ekaterina Baibuz

I am working towards my PhD in Physics at the Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki. I study physics of materials with computer simulations. Most of the time I spend at my laptop writing code, analysing my simulations, researching about materials. And of course, surfing social media, which I believe could include more scientific content. In my free time, I am exploring the ways of science communication and interaction through social media. Follow my PhD journey on  Instagram and  Twitter


Erika Palmerio

I am a PhD student in Space Physics at the University of Helsinki. My research focuses on Solar Physics and in particular on coronal mass ejections (CMEs), that are huge explosions of plasma and magnetic field from the sun. CMEs can cause magnetic storms and other phenomena at the earth, and I study their magnetic structure at the sun and at other planets in order to improve the current space weather forecasting capabilities.

I am very much interested in science communication because I believe that one of the main objectives of science (apart from the science per se) is to be interesting to the public. You can follow my space adventures on Twitter.  

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Harshit Agrawal

I am working in the Brain & Mind lab and pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Aalto University, Finland. My interests include neuroscience and machine learning.

For me, Science is a medium to understand myself and the world around me. It fascinates me how natural processes can be formulated into mathematical equations. Through TSB I am trying to share my enthusiasm with other science lovers.


Lea Urpa

I am currently a FIMM-EMBL International PhD student doing my first rotation year. I am interested in the genomics and neuroscience of psychiatric disorders, and am currently working with creating visualization tools for omics data in R.

In my free time, I run a philosophy of science discussion club called the Biosophical Society.


Petra Tauscher

I am a PhD student studying Developmental Biology at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki. I am fascinated by the fact that animals develop from single cells to complex multicellular organisms, with their limbs in the right place and the head where it belongs! 

I think it is one of my duties as a scientist to be able to communicate science; and TSB is the right platform for it. I hope that I can contribute in getting more people interested in Science! 


Susanne Hultsch

I'm a PhD student as well and currently exploring molecular mechanism of tamoxifen-resistance in breast cancer. Tamoxifen is a commonly used drug to treat hormone-sensitive breast cancers and unfortunately resistance to this drug occurs frequently.

Personally, I like the idea of using art to raise people’s curiosity about science and improve communication between scientists and the people outside of the science bubble.


Yongmei Gong

My PhD project in the Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences, Helsinki Univ. gives me the opportunity to visit cool and rare places in the Arctic islands and to use computer models to study the dynamics of the glaciers, ice sheets and ice caps. To discover the secrets of the cryosphere is my passion.
I am always fascinated by the beauty of the nature.  At TSB I am trying to link sciences with arts. Through this approach I am hoping to make scientific outcome more approachable by the general public. I am also a Finnish national committee member of Association of Early Career Polar Scientists.