Katja Viivi


I’m about to start my Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, so needless to say I find the brain pretty cool. I’m particularly interested in how the bacteria in our gut communicate with the brain (the gut-brain axis), as well as what happens in the brain when we sleep, and the neuroscience behind creativity, emotions, and mental health.

Sustainability is another topic close to my heart and I’ll talk about the zero waste movement and circular economy day and night if I get the chance.

I enjoy all forms of science communication and outreach - I want to share my passion for science with people in as many ways as possible! I’m in the Afternoons in the Science Basement team and the current coordinator of the Humans in Science project. I also occasionally write for Blogging Science.

Follow me on Twitter (@katjaviivi) if you want to hear about some of the latest research about the brain, the planet, as well as the scicomm world.