Summer Special - Science stories with the students from ICPS2018


Hello from TSB Podcast!

This episode is a Summer Special that we recorded at the International Conference of Physics Students 2018 that took place in Helsinki during 8-14 August!
We at TSB have spent one day with the students and held a workshop about science communication called “How to tell a science story”! This special episode is the result of the workshop.

Listen to a bunch of science anecdotes from our special guests, and then follow our conversation about studying physics in different countries and how young scientists should be trained to communicate science to the public!

Big big thanks to our very special guests:
★ Mafalda Matos (University of Porto)
★ Alexandra Oliveira (University of Porto)
★ Ana Luisa Caivalho (University of Lisbon)
★ Elías Guisado Villalgordo (University of Seville)
★ Pietro Torta (University of Milan)
★ Michael Kovacs (TU Graz)

Links from this episode:
• The ICPS2018 conference:
• QuantumFracture (YouTube channel):
• The spread of true and false news online (article):

Music by Havelocke


Listen to our summer special episode here!