Nature vs. Nurture - How Epigenetics Shapes Who We Are

Chiara Facciotto


University of Helsinki

22 April 2017, 16.00

We all start from a single fertilized egg cell, that’s our point of origin. And yet, somehow, we grow into an adult form which is made of trillions of different cells. The blueprint found in the single fertilized egg cell contains all the instructions needed to forge us. But, how does this actually happen? What are the mechanisms that sets some cells towards the path of transforming into a neuron in the brain, or form the retina of the eye which allows us to see the world around us? And how can the same mechanisms lead our body to adapt to the environment even before birth? The field of Epigenetics is helping us to uncover how our destiny is not written in our genes. If you are curious and want to hear more about how the epigenome works and how it's shaped by the environment surrounding us, join us for An Afternoon in The Science Basement. Lecture video could be found here